Monday, January 12, 2009

Knew this would happen

but I'm a little sad anyway.

Tony Dungy retires from the NFL.

Best picture ever:

He'll be greatly missed, but over the past couple of years he's been pretty open about wanting to do some sort of ministry outside of football--certainly does not lessen my respect.

Tony Dungy should be the first inductee to the Colts Hall of Fame, should they ever get one. Unless he tries to "unretire" in August, then I'll shiv him myself. ;)

DO NOT read the comments on the Indy Star link. The bandwagon has no clue what a blustering incompetent asshole Jim Mora was (despite MillerCoors reminding us during every TV timeout the past two weekends), and the hardcore Christian-bashers are out in force.

On the bright side, they should be so bad next year I'll be able to order tickets from the box office in 2011, and the people behind me will know what it means when the guy in the stripey shirt loses his handkerchief.

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Steve Burri said...

What a class act. I have so much respect for him.