Monday, January 26, 2009

Modest proposal

It has occured to me that we could offset a fair chunk of this "stimulus"* bill by putting Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all their greedy power-crazed followers in Congress into dunk tanks for a month or so (bonus: that's a month they can't give away more money for 'bicycle access' or 'unemployment compensation' for people who voluntarily quit their jobs).

$10 for 3 balls. Let 'em work the same sort of shifts military personnel do on deployment, and get fed the same.

Additional funds could be raised via pay-per-view.

Or a lottery to be able to pelt them with cream pies...oooh.

It's for the children!!

* "magically transforming pork into "stimulus" by sticking another three zeroes on the end"


Kate said...

Brilliant! Matter of fact, we could probably pay off the national debt in a few years with this idea. I don't suppose you've presented to Congress yet, have ya? :P

Cindy K. said...

Incredibly brilliant. Now why aren't you elected?