Sunday, January 18, 2009

More lousy "art"

All these crude portraits (in crayons! and dryer lint!) everywhere you look--it's like the Third World around here. Except Mao would probably have you shot if your portrayal was unflattering...

I took a week-long class with Susan Shie in October 2004--she had advanced BDS even then, and she's been so focused on hating Bush/conservatives/freedom/etc in her art that the quality of it has really declined. It was delicious in the 1990s, which is why I wanted to study with her. And she was a very warm and encouraging teacher, so in the end it was a week well-spent. Anyway, when you look at her quilt here--which I recognized immediately--those aren't bullet holes in O's forehead and throat, they are "Third Eyes." Apparently we're to believe Obama has "higher consciousness". But they *look* like bullet holes, which entertains me.

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