Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Only YOU Can Save Teh Planet™

Iowahawk, of course:
As an eco-aware, planetary resource parasite, you will eventually want to kill yourself to spare the environment any further damage that your personal existence has already caused. However, it is important that you plan your suicide carefully as not to disturb the ecosystem’s delicate balance. Self immolation, while poignant, can release up to 50 kg of airborne fluorocarbons. Why not try the the hot new Malibu trend, ritual Japanese sepukku? it’s exotic, elegant, and your intact corpse will make a great compost pile addition!

Excellent advice for anyone who really believes carbon dioxide is evil.

Oh, if you're one of those drooling unenlightened hicks who still thinks that ball of fire in the sky emitting energy at the Earth might affect the Earth somehow, still no sunspot activity.

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