Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yeah, he's a puppet...

I swear, there is no hobby or leisure activity I enjoy that is uninfested by cult followers.

I liked the idea of taking 100 photos of a single object--it's an exercise in seeing the world in fresh ways. This seemed like a simple, escapist, non-Obama way to kill some time and stretch my brain.

Ha! I'm going to have to look at 100 pictures of a !(%*!#! Obama puppet. He's even wagging his finger, Michelle-style. All rights are reserved, or I would totally be using that photo as an illustration...

(I'm doing a tequila bottle I bought four, maybe even five years ago. I like the shape and the color.)

Quilts--no one blogs about quilts anymore, they blog about Obama. Travel--Obama wants to make it prohibitively expensive to Save Teh Planet™. Food--between ObamaCare and the Planetoids, all we're going to be allowed to eat is locally-grown manure-fertilized sprouts. And when baseball starts, guess who's going to be up on jumbotrons across the country on Memorial Day weekend, pretending to give a rat's ass about veterans?

I'm going to stop now before I bust into that bottle and am left with nothing to photograph.

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