Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking of hypocrisies

The CIA wanting to listen to the overseas phone calls you place to numbers known to be connected to terrorists, to glean information that could save American lives, was a fascist invasion of your privacy.

State and federal governments tracking your every move so they can charge you money--no problem!

Another blow for restaurants, gas stations, speciality retail small businesses as people stop non-essential travel like "shop hops" and "scenic drives" and "visiting Aunt Ethel". Then we'll have to tax something else to make up for the missing income taxes, and to give more people more government assistance.

And who knows what sort of restrictions will be placed on vehicle use once Al Gore's devotees get their hands on the government's data?

And no, I don't believe those are "unintended" consequences.

(As soon as I get a job, I'm going to visit any remaining quilt shops in WI and buy something at each one. Not that I need any more fabric, but I can always use more thread.)


Amy said...

Great. Just when I take a job in Germantown...

HeatherRadish said...

I think you'll still be allowed to commute, until we get the light rail.

/sarcastic. maybe.

krshorewood said...

Argue the idea based on the idea. But making this looney connection and then going ape over it is another matter. Never mind that the wiretaps are an invasion and through seven years of it not too effective.

Amy said...

Never mind that the wiretaps are an invasion and through seven years of it not too effective.

Yeah, that's right. Because Islamic terrorists living in foreign countries so totally have their right to privacy under the American Constitution (which they hate, but why bother ourselves with such facts)?

And the surveillance has, so far, managed to keep us from having another terrorist attack on American soil in what, oh, 8 years. So I can see how a liberal would consider that 'ineffective'. It doesn't give them a reason to self-righteously bloviate about how 3,000 of our fellow Americans deserved to be incinerated because of our "foreign policy" and "imperialism."

Liberals are funny animals. They're constantly warning about the non-exsistent religious right theocrats hiding under beds, waiting to turn America into a large version of Rome or the Westboro Baptists, while complaining our "rights" will be lost to conservatives.

While they figure out ways to monitor what I eat, how I heat my home, where I travel, what I say/think/listen to, how I worship, and every time I take a crap and flush my toilet and consider that totally Constitutional.

Frickin' hypocrites.

HeatherRadish said...

Been making a lot of calls to Binyam Mohammed's buddies, krshorewood? And you are letting Obama know how upset you are that he is continuing the practice of surveilling your library records, right?

Yeah, what Amy said.

The idea that any government needs to track where law-abiding citizens drive within the nation's borders is absurd, for any reason, and so are the morons who think it's acceptable.