Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well, at least I'm keeping busy.

Someone obtained my debit card number, address, and e-mail address and made a bunch of charges since Tuesday. Kids, probably, since they're buying acne cream, tooth whitener, and memberships to tuition grant information websites. Fraud charges look nice on college apps, don't you think?

The bank is making me call all these companies myself, which irritates me, but they've given me some additional useful information to pass along to the police. (I was motivated to file a police report because they created an e-mail account with a username similar to mine for the purpose of signing up for this crap--trying to rip me off is one thing but violating my personal space like that something else altogether.)

*sigh* I wonder if I dropped a printout at PDX or something. I was really too sick to notice.

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Amy said...

Sorry about this. You never know.

A couple of years ago, my mom had an odd amount charged twice to her debit card. Turns out someone in BILBAO, SPAIN got a hold of her number AND her PIN and was withdrawing cash. The reason the amount was odd (like $354.67 or something like that) is we figure it converted for Euros or whatever foreign currency.

It was a pain. Worst part was the bank insisted my mom must have given someone her PIN so they took $50 off the reimbursement of funds.
Because, you know, my mom who's never even OWNED A PASSPORT would be cavorting with theives across the pond.