Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, meh.

Sinus migraine made driving down to Chicago unwise, so no first-person report from the Tea Party. I have been lying quietly in the dark, as befits my status as jobless loser scum.

(Jeff Saturday's back for three more years...oh, wait, sorry, didn't mean to participate in the world with my working betters. Won't do it again.)


Roland Melnick said...

Have you seen any reports on how it went?

As for your jobless status...all you need to do is incorporate (oh wait..."Hasenpfeffer Incorporated"...nevermind)...then write up a quick mission statement describing how you want to study the environmental impact of cat poopy on urban settings. You could easily squeeze a quarter mil out of Porkulus 2009.

HeatherRadish said...

I've been thinking about renting myself out as a titular "business owner" to white male contractors who want some of that sweet sweet "women and minorities only" stimulus money. But if I do, and they do a shitty job on some public-works project, that will be the one time in Wisconsin history accountability will be demanded. :-D