Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am too depressed to blog about politics.


So here are some pictures of Harrington Beach on Sunday.

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dc said...

Hi. Agree with you statement, so I thought I'd check out your page. Pictures of nature, nice (smart) cats and interesting structure are much more refreshing than considering those who want to make a garbage can of America (except their own 'pristine residence'). That's what evil does.

Back to the reason I'm sending this.
You mentioned you're "too depressed to blog about politics'. The thought that came to mind is: If we didn't have "terrorist" in USA positions of leadership you could be doing what you do best, and profiting. Instead, you're seeing them not doing their jobs of protecting, 'helping' America and working for the best of its people, which effects your ability to succeed. [I think Rush speaks of this insidious downgrading phenomenon.]

Of course, the story isn't new. But, it's more radical today for us who are seeing this "manifestation of corruptness" before our eyes.

Well, take heart Heather.
The ONE who is really in charge loves you, knows what you're going thru and how all this will come thru the funnel - His Way! Those pollutant people will not remain. So, pat you cat and be inspired to do something worthy of your time and effort!

You don't have to post this if you don't want to, just thought I'd reply. ☺