Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have wasted my life.

I could be pulling down big money doing nothing, if I had had babies.



Amy said...

Hey, I *have* kids and was too stupid (or is it ethical?) to realize I could have bilked the system. Not only that, my mom watches our son so SHE could have gotten in on the action, too.

Estimates say you could get up to $1300 a week through that program. That's $67,600 per year. Multiply that by 2 and bingo, we're set at $135k/year.

More than twice what both of us make working full-time. Some days, it doesn't pay to have a moral compass, does it?

HeatherRadish said...

Your mom is actually watching your son, so in theory that would be a legitimate claim (there's probably a rule about being related to the child receiving care, but if you've taken your husband's name, who'd know?).

I'm not sure if it's $1300/kid or $1300 for all her kids, but $67k tax-free is nothing to sneeze at. Even after the person you name on the form takes their cut.

Nope, definitely not worth it to be honest these days.

Unknown said...

are you asking for help in the make some babies department??

HeatherRadish said...

Left myself wide open, didn't I...

I was saving "making babies" until I had a husband. Anachronistic, I know.