Friday, March 20, 2009

Milwaukee Mystery Photo

Mystery photo

I took this yesterday, somewhere between the lakefront and Water Street. Feel free to leave guesses here or at Flickr.

One of those things I'd walked by a half-dozen times and never noticed until I walked by with a camera in my hand...


Gen. Sir Charles Napier said...

I guess this is a carving on the side of a building that houses a bank.

If forced to be specific... I'll guess the bank is Citi and the building is called the Harvey F. Driver Building.

HeatherRadish said...

Nope...not a building. :)

dc said...
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dc said...

Haven't been there but it looks to me to be a sculptured part of a beard (face). Is there a "sun" face there?
They sure did more creative work back then. Nice catch!

please don't post this part:
Wanted to share with you a thought, that's similar with the book title. Last evening watched Sharkboy & Lavagirl and Mr. Electric reminded me of the TelePrompTer's boy.
If you want to see the analogy I posted it on my 'humble, little blog"
Someone could easily place a different face in, but I get tired of seeing it all over the place so I left it as is.