Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here's my anti-DST rant from last year. My opinion hasn't changed.

Neither did the cell phone tower nearest my apartment. I went to sleep well before 2 a.m. with the alarm set for 6:30; it went off at 6:30, which was actually 7:30 according to the clock on the microwave. I'm going for a drive later on so it can get the real time from a new tower. ZOMG, energy use! Oh noes! Bwahahaha.

(Looks like Blogger hasn't changed, either. Interesting.)

UPDATE: I'm newly irritated by everyone chirping "I love DST because I can play outside with my kids after work!" You needed a literal act of Congress for this? Go home an hour early and leave the rest of us out it. Sheesh.


Steve Burri said...

I had a friend in Texas that used to say, "It's like cutting off the end of your blanket and sewing it on to the other end."

HeatherRadish said...

I've whiled away half my free time cutting fabric into little pieces then sewing them together. But I don't force anyone else to do it, or try to convince them my feet are warmer than if I didn't do it.