Monday, March 23, 2009

Whatever You Like.

Have been avoiding blogging because there's not really much I can say except "we're toast, we are so toast" (only usually with a string of profanity in two languages that makes the cat blush), everytime I read anything in the news. I should probably start avoiding news altogether, but I don't want to become the sort of low-information dimwit that gets talked into voting for people like Barry O 'cause they don't know any better...

I'll be offline for a couple of days at an interview in a different time zone (bonus: I'll miss Dear Leader's monthly television address to the serfs) and maybe I'll have something to say when I get back and maybe I won't.


Shoebox said...

I used to really like Weird Al...back when I used to recognize the songs he was parodying!

dc said...

If our hope lies in these fakes and corrupt bottom feeders administration we are toast.
But, if we truly trust in the neat God who made us (and knows the beginning from the end), we can eat the toast and have some tea with it!

Bring 'toast' with you if you go to your local Tea Party!