Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holocaust Rememberance Day

I've been listening to the Syracuse classical music station (don't ask, I don't know) in the car and at night. Tonight they've been playing songs from composers killed in concentration camps, including the premiere American performance of Marcel Tyberg's Symphony No. 3. Tyberg left all his hand-written scores with a student before he was carted off to be killed; this particular symphony had to be copied from the originals to be performed.

I don't know enough about symphonic music to give an informed opinion, but I'm enjoying it. And enjoying a beer, in anticipation of being dragged off to Right-Wing Extremist/Planet-Destroying Fattie Death Camp. Sigh.


Amy said...

"Fattie Death Camp."

Really. I'd like them to come and follow me for a day. See what I eat - not that it's any of their damn business.

Cereal and an apple for breakfast.

Soup for lunch.

I'll probably splurge and pick up a Cousins sub for dinner since I have class tonight.

Then I'll go home, do housework and homework, and go to bed.

Wow. I'm a real threat to the planet. Before I was pregnant, there were days I wouldn't eat breakfast. Not healthy, per se, but I certainly don't belly up to the buffet every single day.

HeatherRadish said...

Any honest dietician or physician could have told them that metabolism varies from person to person, and even an individual's metabolism varies throughout their life. "The only reason someone is fat is because he eats too much/eats 'bad' foods" is one of those things people all over the political spectrum believe. I suspect people want it to be true because it makes them feel good.

But hey, even if you did belly up to the buffet every day, it's no one's damn business except yours, and the people who love you.

Plus, if you drop dead from obesity (which doesn't actually happen) at 45, the federal government won't have to send you a social security check or pay for your medication for 30 years after you stop working...hrm...