Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have to have a background check done by the FAA, including my travel and associations for the last seven years, fingerprints, and mental health records. It's not the same as a military clearance, but it seems almost as invasive. I completely understand the national security implications of letting the wrong people have access to technical data about aviation electronics (look what happens when you let untrustworthy individuals have access...).

...but DHS has already declared me a threat to national security, so this could end badly.

(I'm not actually against immigration; I'm against illegal entrance into the country and illegal residence regardless, but apparently that makes me just as bad.)

Semi-related, I finally got a paycheck and picked up the Mark Levin book; what sort of trouble will I be courting if I take it on my flights this weekend? I'm still in the "rise" part of The Rise And Fall of the Third Reich, but it's got a swastika on the cover, and I don't have the time/funds to deal with hypersensitive open-minded tolerance, so I haven't been taking it in public places. Sigh.


Steve Burri said...

When you are arrested, that will be the reason Obama will use to keep Gitmo open.

HeatherRadish said...

Sunlight and tropical temperatures? TORTURE.