Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The head football coach at Aplington-Parkersburg, Ed Thomas, has been shot and killed by a former player in a weight room at the high school, in front of a couple dozen current players. Very shocking, very sad...

I'm more of an avenger than an empathizer. To me it looks like another data point for allowing licensed and permit-ed teachers to carry to work--I don't know if Coach Thomas would have chosen to do so, but why should the state make his decision for him*?--and to commenters at the Des Moines Marxist-Register the perp is simultaneously an evil right-wing nut (because he had a gun) and an obvious victim of abuse (because high school football is the same as child abuse, duh!). Don't ever read the comments.

The part that intrigues me is the perp was arrested for a minor crime spree over the weekend and instead of being jailed until bail was posted, he was turned over to a local hospital for a mental health eval--apparently they concluded he wasn't dangerous to anyone, because they released him after 72 hours and didn't bother to notify the arresting agency. Nice work.

* I thought had a post from last summer asking the same question with regard to women in Wisconsin whose ex-husbands promised to kill them, then followed through, but I can't find it. Sigh.

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