Saturday, August 29, 2009

41st IBCT Update

Two Oregon National Guard soldiers in a convoy were killed Friday by a bomb blast in eastern Baghdad. A third was wounded severely enough to be taken to Germany for treatment.

My brother is fine; he was back at base during this convoy. Names have not been released, but please keep the families in your thoughts/prayers.

UPDATE: They are Sgt. Earl D. Werner, 38, of Mondovi, WI and Pvt. Taylor D. Marks, 19, of Monmouth, OR. Mondovi is SW of Eau Claire.

Here's the fury-inducing part:
Whether or not it fits in this story, I thought I'd pass along something that the Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Fred Rees, told me about the blast that severed the leg of SPC Jeremy Pierce earlier this month. He said the Guard had heard that the blast was from what's called an explosively formed penetrator, a more sophisticated type of roadside bomb that poses dangers even to mine-resistant vehicles. Such EFPs are widely believed to have come into Iraq from Iran.

I assume that's the same controlled-by-mullahs Iran the Clown-in-Chief wants to invite to D.C for milk and cookies, no matter how many of their citizens or ours they kill.

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