Sunday, September 20, 2009

I question the timing...

Friday, David Paterson ordered a "review"* of New York's contracts with ACORN.

Saturday night, the NY Times reports Obama wants Paterson to refrain from running for election. Cites Deval Patrick-esque approval numbers, without mentioning either Deval Patrick's fail or Obama's own plummeting approval.

Timing aside, I wonder who Good King Barack was planning on appointing to the governorship**? And why hasn't anyone told him that's not how it works in this country?

* My assumption was that he asked for someone to generate some paperwork to wave at TV cameras so it looks like he's doing something, with no intention of an actual investigation, because that would be political suicide for a Democrat governor of any race.

** No way it's Hillary, not after exiling her to Africa and appointing commissars to do work traditionally under the Sec. of State's purview.


Roland Melnick said...

It is a shame that, in these times of tense global relations, Pres. Obama has squandered the importance and power of the SecState job by using it as a way to compartmentalize Shrillary away from important issues. Couldn't he have chosen a less important cabinet position to waste on taming the shrew? I suppose then she would not have agreed to a job with lesser prestige. Still...Sec of Agriculture or Transportation would have been kinda funny.

Roland Melnick said...

How have you been BTW, Heather? New job treating you OK?

HeatherRadish said...

Eh...the work I'm doing is not what was discussed during the interview :P but I've been learning some new languages and the people are nice enough (although I'm growing weary of the guy in the next cube talking to his fiancee on the phone like she's a mildly retarded child). Ready to go home, but agreed to stay an extra two months. Sigh.

Sec. of Agriculture would have been funny, but it had Vilsack (lawyer from the East Coast, knows at least as much about farming as Hillary, mind you) written all over it.