Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh dear.

I was fairly "meh" about the proposed MillerCoors merger--I only drink their products when someone else is buying--but now I'm gravely concerned:

Area craft brewers worry that consolidation might limit their access to wholesalers, distribution system

I'm sure I'll be able to get Spotted Cow as long as I live in MKE, and the Sprecher brewery is on the way home from work--yes!--but I do like to try new beers without driving all over the country. And what happens if I move??


Steve Burri said...

October 15... Penny Marshall's 65th birthday. Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

Bruce said...

Access to distributors has long been a problem for small, independent brewers. If a distributor is getting 90% of his money from Bud or Miller (to pull a # out of thin air), and Bud calls the guy and says "Don't pick up brewers X, Y, or Z, or we'll find someone else to truck our product around.", it's not a tough call for the distributor to make.

Will the merger make a bad situation worse for the little guy? It could.