Friday, December 7, 2007

Good day today.

After watching my friend disgrace his family name for generations to come (not really; he knew stuff I didn't know and was in it right up until Final Jeopardy), I had dinner at Bayshore a friend from work, where three separate nice-looking young men 50-75% my age complimented me on my brand-new Colts hoodie (excellent taste they have).

On my way home, my younger sister called to tell me my nephew should be a big brother in July (which brings the total of young skulls full of mush I can mold from afar to four. MUAHAHAHAH!!). And could I please bring Sprechers root beer at Christmas, because she likes watching people freak out when they see her drinking out of brown bottles when she's pregnant. *snicker*

There was a bunch of politics stuff I was going to complain about tonight, but now I'm in a good mood.

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