Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let's go State!

The Battle for Iowa is underway, and not a single one of the ten starters was from Iowa. Might be able to overlook it if either of them were in the top 25, but they're both terrible this year. May as well let the local kids play...

While I'm hatin' on the Turkeys, I note that the only thing stupider than painting the visitors' locker room in the football stadium pink (do perennial Top 10 teams resort to cheap gimmicks for their success?) is suing a school for "gender discrimination" against women because they have a pink football locker room.

Frankly, if I was a feminist concerned about the U of Iowa, I'd be more worried about their male "student-athletes" (please) raping their female athletes, after they're supposedly "sensitivity and sexual-harrassment trained" after the athletic department did their end-run around the legal system on behalf of later-convicted rapist Pierre Pierce in 2002. (I expect small-town high schools to pressure rural counties to drop charges against their athletes, but I expect better from a state university.)

But I'm not, so I'm enjoying the game on Sirius, and then I'll enjoy watching the best game ever played in Iowa. Ahhhh yeah.

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