Monday, January 14, 2008

Fiber Artists for Obama

The quilt blogs are abuzz with postings about a special group on Obama's fundraising website dedicated to fiber artists. Oooh! He loves us! He really loves us!

There's also a group called "Holland for Obama" (when did we give them a vote?), "California Republicans for Obama" (fruits and nuts), and "*1,000,000 Americans for Obama*" (Members: 3386).

I should make a quilt with a big red pickup truck.


Steve Burri said...

The Million Americans for Obama, being Democrats, will get their normal 295 votes each.

HeatherRadish said...

The dead can vote, even if they don't log into websites.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Didja ever notice that even dead Republicans vote Democrat 100 percent of the time?

HeatherRadish said...

Hell, I'm convinced someone in Cook County IL has been filling out a ballot with my name and the address on my birth certificate every election since I turned 18. And they didn't vote for George W Bush or Alan Keyes in 2004.