Monday, January 14, 2008

Go away! You're wrecking my denial!

Geez, I didn't even get my coat off at work this morning before someone wanted to give me crap about football. I'm trying to deal with it in my own special way, which means pretending it doesn't exist:

"Hey, Heather, WTF happened to the Colts?!"

"Did you see Ryan Braun's moving to left field? I bet Prince Fielder hits more home runs than A-Rod this year!"

At least Marvin Harrison didn't cry, preserving a small shred of dignity I can wear wrapped tightly around my head so I don't have to watch the F-Pats be crowned Best Football Team Then, Now, and Forever and Ever Amen--May As Well Disband the League Because No One Will Ever Be Good Like That Again. But I'm deeply disappointed no one threw a beer at Philip Rivers. Geez, what an ass.

Football is dead to me, but I'll probably watch the NFC game.

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

The Patriots are going down to the Packers. It'll be a high scoring affair but Green Bay has a pair of shutdown CBs and Favre will move the ball on New England.