Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now that football's over...

I got an e-mail from the Big XII offering me a chance to pre-buy tix to the first two rounds of the 2009 NCAA men's tournament in Kansas City. There's a Slurpee's chance in Hell ISU will be one of the top 16 seeds and get to play close to home, so no personal interest (dangit, last year football went long enough I didn't notice how bad my basketball teams sucked; why couldn't that happen this year, too?).

The part that surprised me...they want $189, plus $9 in "fees", for each three session ticket, two games per session. Good grief! In 2002 I went to the first day in St. Louis for $60. That's a 315% increase. Food prices are through the roof and they haven't even gone up that much since 2002! My pay certainly hasn't gone up that much since 2002...

I hope food doesn't go up that much over the next year. Damn.

There's some nice stuff about Scott Drew in this article about Baylor's comeback. Of course, I knew all along he'd do great. ;)

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