Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still wish the Packers had signed Randy Moss?

A temporary domestic restraining order has been issued against Patriots’ receiver Randy Moss, after a Florida woman alleged he battered her and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention on Jan. 6, according to court documents.

Rachelle Washington, 35, of Fort Lauderdale, filed a petition for a temporary injunction for protection against dating violence by Moss in Broward County on Monday.

The temporary injunction was issued that same day. The court order forbids Moss from coming anywhere near Washington, her home or her car. He is also ordered to surrender any guns he may have and to appear at a hearing Jan. 28. That’s when he will have a chance to defend himself, and the court will decide whether to extend the restraining order.

Moss does not face any criminal charges in the case.

At Gillette Stadium this morning, Moss addressed the allegation, saying in his 30 years, “I’ve never put my hand on one woman.”

Just hits 'em with his car
, but apparently nothing wrong with that.

Of course, he claims she's a lying extortionist, and I can believe that just as readily as I can believe he hit her. If anyone ever hits me hard enough I need to seek medical attention, my second call is to the police, and not a week later. Then again, at rookie camp they tell them to be cautious around women who just want money and fame...(insert Tony Romo joke here).

Still, I'm extremely amused by the timing and note that if they'd just lost a few games earlier, he'd have been safe at home in Boston alone in bed with a playbook on the night of the alleged abuse. *blink* What?

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