Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bill Clinton's forgotten terrorist pardons

You know, it's been really easy to forget what an unprincipled, arrogant, dishonorable, self-serving America-hating ASSHOLE he was, and I thank Debra Burlingame for reminding me.

Heck, the terrorists he pardoned had more honor than Bill Clinton:
The president had ignored federal guidelines for commutation of sentences, including the most fundamental: The prisoners hadn't actually asked for clemency.

To push the deal through, signed statements renouncing violence and expressing remorse were required by the Justice Department. The FALN prisoners, surely relishing the embarrassment and discomfiture they were causing the president and his wife, had previously declined to accept these conditions. Committed and unrepentant militants who did not accept the authority of the United States, they refused to apologize for activities they were proud of in order to obtain a clemency they never requested.

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