Monday, February 11, 2008

Cranky Monday

I love snow, but this "high of 0" garbage can stop now. There's ice on the inside of my windows. Plus, I slept on my neck funny and spent the last three hours of the night having a dream about standing in lines at the airport trying to change a ticket for a 2 a.m. flight, then standing in lines at the DMV trying to get a Mississippi driver's license because the airport wouldn't take the one I have, then standing in line back at the airport, over and over and over...insane.
  • Someone's still overrated (and it ain't Favre).
  • ..."ignoring everything that plausibly could be seen as a beacon of the music industry's future." They say that like it's a bad thing. The industry sucks, and the new "artists" being promoted by said industry are just...ugh. The only young "artist" mentioned in that whole article who doesn't make my ears bleed is Alicia Keys. They don't make music, they sell sex. (The only part of the Grammys I watched, after getting a text message about it, was Herbie Hancock and the kid with the head-in-a-blender hair fronting an orchestra playing some Gershwin. It was nice. Next up was "Best Crap Album" so I turned it back off.)
    • "In one of the evening's most awkward moments, comedian George Lopez introduced Brad Paisley with a clumsy joke about protecting Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton from assassination." George--they didn't cancel your show because you're brown, they canceled it because you're NOT FUNNY. I wonder if HRC will sic the IRS on him...
  • Future of the Western World to be decided by crooks and children. (I know, that ain't news).
  • Obamarama ruined my "no politics Sunday" with his !*%(&~#(% TV ad. "End the War!" How about "WIN the war"?? "Save the planet!" From what? The planet was here several billion years before the DNC was founded and the planet will be here several billion years after the DNC forces us all back into a pre-industrial age. "Create jobs!" What kind of jobs? How? And how do you square "we need more jobs" with "we don't have enough Americans to do the work, so we need more uneducated masses from South America!" Maybe they can carry the litters of their political betters when cars are outlawed to save the planet, who knows. Who cares? No one loves Obama for his ideas.
  • Colts in the Hall of Fame Bowl. 176 days until football starts again. If anybody needs me, I'll be hibernating.

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