Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have you no respect for lemurs?!?!

The last two frames of the offending comic are most certainly true...but I respect lemurs too much to compare them to management.

'Dilbert' retells story of Iowan fired over comic:
In a bit of self-referential cartooning, "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams has penned a series of strips that indirectly describe the plight of Dave Steward, a former security supervisor for Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. Steward, 50, a resident of Fort Madison, was fired by the casino last fall after seven years of employment. He had posted on an office bulletin board a "Dilbert" strip in which the protagonist compares his bosses to a bunch of "drunken lemurs."

The truly entertaining part of the article is the paragraph where the Register pats itself on the back for bringing this to forefront of national news. Relevant! I'm RELEVANT!!!


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