Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse tonight

I forgot to post this yesterday.

Sciencey goodness.

North Americans will have their next opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse on 2010 Dec 21.

Unless global warming destroys the planet, of course...

You can't see the moon from my apartment, ever (which disturbs me), but I am determined to not be a wuss and go out to view it. In my car. With hot cocoa. With amaretto.

The sane among us may prefer a live webcast (scroll down).

UPDATE: I need a tripod and a better camera.


Kate said...

I thought y'all were suppose to be getting another 8 feet of snow! How come y'all have a clear sky, and I don't? :(

HeatherRadish said...

I'm leaving town for the weekend--sunny skies here, 80% chance of "ice pellets" at my destination.

I blame Al Gore...

Kate said...

ROFLMAO Ya just can't win, can ya!