Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I don't know what to make of this.

The money from the public auction of RCA Dome seats, chunks of its turf and roof and assorted items such as locker room urinals belongs to taxpayers and not to the two nonprofit groups that are in line to get it, a lawsuit claims.

If they'd brought this up several months ago when the idea of auctioning off bits of the Dome was first floated to the public, I'd probably agree. Especially since I didn't realize the city was still paying for the Dome (what did they do with all those fast-food taxes I paid when I lived there??). But reading further...
The law firm asks for its legal fees to be paid from auction proceeds if it wins the lawsuit.

Since they filed suit after the sale has begun (could this invalidate the sales, since advertising that the moneys go to charity but in actuality they'll go to a bunch of lawyers?--hello, fraud charges!), it reads like "ooh! we can get money!" more than any sort of protection of taxpayers.

Plus the sale was approved by the outgoing (D) mayor, and the sole plaintiff is a failed (R) local candidate. Feels like they're trying to use a noble concept they don't actually believe in to cover a shameful money/power play.

Mostly I'm going to be really pissed a) if I don't get my turf plaque after they already charged my credit card and b) the money I was told was going to go to literacy programs and sick kids goes to lawyers, because c) that's such a John Edwards thing to do.


OTOH, this sounds like something I've been saying since 1997: The Big 11 isn't anywhere near as good as they think they are.

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