Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, there's a basketball tournament?

Valpo is in the "College Basketball Invitational," which is apparently a new event this year designed to make kids feel better about not being good enough for the NCAA or the NIT. Like the "alternative prom" at the nursing home, so the ugly girl can wear a dress and watch Lawrence Welk with people who actually went to their HS prom in the 1920s and feel good about doing something "meaningful" instead feeling sad about being ugly. The pity burns worse than the original pain.

I'll enjoy watching Shawn Huff one more time, at least.

I kind of get a kick out of pretending I'm confused over which post-season tournament is being discussed when someone mentions "the" tournament as if women don't exist (ISU women are seeded 7), but other than that I'm not really feeling post-season basketball this year. Maybe Scott Drew will have a good run; I'm pretty apathetic as long as Kansas goes home early.

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