Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In unrelated news

I was born with a human body, but I have decided that I self-identify as a cat. I will take a cat name and demand to be treated as a cat.

I'm not going to use the litter box or go Outside naked, but I will wear a prosthetic tail, nap all day, enjoy a little weed, and claw at anyone who suggests I'm deluded. Oh, and I'm keeping the opposable thumbs. But you call me Cuddles! And stop laughing, you right-wing oppressors! It's my right! I was born with the wrong body! *hiss*

*scritch* I should probably spend more time with bipedal mammals than I have been lately.


Steve Burri said...

I see that picture of you in your sidebar walking your human. You're Black... Are you voting for Obama?

HeatherRadish said...

He's not Feline-American enough.

Kate said...


Unknown said...

Be careful Heather. Don't you realize that many places have banned transcats.


HeatherRadish said...