Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is there nothing he can't do?

Besides successfully command the armed forces, or refrain from confiscating my entire paycheck for redistribution, or confess to liking America even a little bit, etc, etc.

Obama Can Save the NBA

Apparently through showing the rest of us that black men aren't all gangsta thugs with tattoos and a ho in every city on the circuit. Which I already knew, possibly because I haven't watched the NBA since that farce of a Game 6 in LA in 2000.

Maybe if they played basketball again, that would increase interest in the league among people who aren't interested in an urban-approved version of professional wrestling. But I don't envision Obama sitting in the Oval Office diagraming plays or overseeing free throw practice (but can I see him calling up Ahmadinejad and inviting him over to play HORSE on a special shortened hoop, heh).

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