Monday, March 17, 2008

Lena Taylor's MySpace page

Africa is where chocolate comes from--everyone knows that.

The part I find most interesting (my eyes skipped right over that huge unbroken block of text) is that she misspelled "Queen Latifah", miscapitalized the title of Obama's book, and "As a legislator Senator Taylor has passionately outreached[sic] to children." I'm sure kids today won't notice, since they're never taught any better, but that's not the sort of literate attention to detail I look for in a legislator, much less a lawyer.

(File this under "Radish is a proofreading snob." I got yelled at at work for correcting shoddy grammar/obvious typos in documents...)

My friend who doesn't realize we're too old for MySpace says Taylor likely does not maintain her own page and most celebrities have a staffer to do it. I'll have to think about fraud in the Internet Age for awhile. No one expects authenticity from Hollywood, but local politics feels different.

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