Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogging kills!

I'm pretty sure you could take a random sample of most white-, blue-, and no-collar occupations and find three middle-aged men who had heart attacks since December, not to mention members who have gained weight. I say most because there's not a lot of 50-y-o men teaching preschool.

And if not, so what? If you work in the mines, you know you're going to get black lung. If you flip burgers, you know you're going to get acne. If you build skyscrapers, you know you could plummet 30 stories to your death. If you blog, you might not get enough exercise. Whoop.

(My last software job was at one of the alleged 100 Best Companies To Work For. A senior engineer was carried out of work in an ambulance after having a heart attack on Monday afternoon; he was at his desk again on Wednesday. And that's when I realized I'm not "serious enough to be successful", because there's just no way in hell.)

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