Saturday, April 5, 2008

More geniuses in Madtown

Michelle Malkin was in Madison last night.
Throughout the lecture, some members of the audience jeered at Malkin with profane taunts and dismissive interruptions, and her responses to critical crowd members frequently elicited laughter.

"Entry into this country is a privilege, not a right," Malkin said in opening her speech.

This line drew a cry of "Bull----!" from one crowd member, to which Malkin replied, "Such an intelligent rejoinder - what a clever response. I bet you have that on a bumper sticker.”

I am unimpressed by the intellectual rigor of that argument. OTOH, I can't feel too dismissive, because the odds are good that student had never, at any educational level, been taught any sort of logic or rhetoric.

I *am* impressed by the YAF and College Republicans holding a lecture on a Friday night.

Jonah Goldberg will be at UW-Mad Monday night; I'll think about going when he posts time/place details. I had an enjoyable evening when he was there last year, but next week is real busy.

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