Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eco-terrorists in Mad-town

Gorism seems to be taking notes from Islamism.

The note left on windshields read "Happy Fossil Fool's Day - Drive Less" when Madison residents found air let out of their tires on April Fool's Day.

Madison police received at least 30 phone calls early Tuesday from residents along or near Monroe St., Williamson St. and Langdon St.

Although there were numerous flat tires on parked vehicles, police did not find any permanent damage, according to reports.

What gives them the perceived right to around damage property and interfere with people's livelihoods on behalf of their religion? Who the F are they to tell the rest of us how to spend our time and go about our lives? And why do the rest of us put up with this?

It's probably just kids (old enough to know better) who've never been taught to respect other people. And I'm impressed they put down the bong long enough to go out and act. But I really resent terrorism on behalf of religion.

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