Wednesday, April 2, 2008

People can stop pointing this out to me...

Soldier's Iraq Rape and Murder Trial Delayed to Accommodate Quilt Show

U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell ordered former Pvt. Steven D. Green's trial delayed from April 13, 2009 to April 27 because the National American Quilt show is in Paducah during the original trial date.

I don't know where the MSM is getting their information, but there is no "National American Quilt Show" anywhere in the U.S. I googled and got a bunch of outlets that carry the AP wire story, but no quilt shows.

OTOH, the American Quilter's Society has held a "Show and Contest" in Paducah every year since 1991. The year-round population of Paducah is 25k and the show's annual attendance is 35-40k; hotels are booked for a two-hour radius (I've never been to this show).

I'm not sure why nobody thought about this before the original court date was set--the only analogy I can think of is scheduling the Dahmer trial in Green Bay on the Monday the Vikings come in to kick off the season. You'd have to be living in a cave to not to realize you're not the only media event in town.

But I'm not sure why this is news, other than it gives hipsters a chance to make fun of old ladies and NY Times and various anti-military orgs a chance to smear other, unaffiliated soldiers. The incident took place in 2006, the trial wasn't scheduled until 2009--a two-week delay doesn't seem very significant.

(And if he's guilty, fry him. I feel that way about all violent rapists, don't try to argue me out of it.)

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