Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not the right verb.

I always feel a little queasy when Hillary says something I agree with.
The race for the White House was red hot Saturday in Indiana as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton denounced Sen. Barack Obama's comments about small-town worries as "demeaning" and "elitist."
Well. They WERE...
Obama conceded to a Muncie crowd that he could have chosen his words better but didn't back down from what he said was the "absolute truth" that people feel bitter, angry and let down by government.

That's partly interesting because multi-relativistic leftists aren't supposed to believe in the exist of an "absolute truth" (I suppose exception is made for "We're smarter and better than those mouth-breathing lumpen working stiffs")--every person is supposed to posess their own "truth."

Continuing, if you replace "let down" with "intruded upon", "controlled by", "overburdened by", etc, the statement "people feel bitter, angry, and ______" is true for "the people" as well. I've had a lot of headaches this week and I'm getting really pissy about the government telling me what I can and cannot do with the light sockets in my own home.

I'm just appalled and sickened by the number of people who expect government to care for them, and then have the audacity to complain when they don't get good enough free stuff. Looks like it's a much bigger number than I thought before the Obama campaign took off. (I should entitle my memoir "The Audacity to Complain.")

Aside: Hillary beat Obama to the traditional "I am a bird-killing Real Man!" campaign boast, yapping about duck hunting yesterday. No doubt she grew up shooting guns on the north side of Chi-town the same way she grew up a Yankees fan. I still can't wait to see Obama pretend to hunt pheasant in Missourah before the general election.

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