Sunday, April 13, 2008

I can't say it any better.

I did my taxes today, too. I got spoiled in Iowa, deducting my federal tax payment from my state-taxable income. How can you bastards in Madison tax money that I never got!?!?

Really can't say it any better, although I'd like to add a big F-U to all those "farmers" like Ted Turner who have never touched soil but receive millions in subsidies anyway, and everyone who thinks gas taxes are too low. Also an F-U to anyone who thinks corn-based ethanol is so awesome the gov't should pay people to make it.

I also note that if I was married, I would have paid $846 less federal on the same taxable income after all deductions were taken...I note this every year, it's right there in the damn tax table. Don't give me that crap about "two people have more expenses"--my rent wouldn't be more if I were two people, the electric company doesn't bill a residence a higher rate when it has more than one person, houses and cars don't cost more when they're purchased by two people, and the additional coffee consumed by a spouse should be accounted for by the extra personal deduction. The tax rate, i.e., the PERCENTAGE OF INCOME TAKEN, is greater on single people. Hello, 14th Amendment?? And the WI form has a "marriage credit" right there on the page--married people get a lower rate and a credit.

So, an extra big F-U to everyone in government---and everyone who votes for those weasels--who believes I deserve to be financially punished by the government for being ugly and unlovable. Really, the discrimination and scorn are sufficient without having it reinforced by the government (in violation of the 14th Amendment, did I mention that?).

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