Thursday, May 1, 2008

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The next time some lefty with a brain as soft as their heart tells you "no person is illegal!" show them this picture from the Chicago Tribune, showing a teenage father wearing a T-shirt that says "I am illegal." Multicultural correctness demands that we call people by the label they call themselves (N and Q words excepted)...

(I've been working on adapting that bit in Rules for Radicals about using people's own rules against them; an exception to the label rule follows:)

Here's the photo gallery.
Do not look if you get upset by people using American flags as blankets.

Interesting how all the reportage is calling these "immigrant rights' rallies" and the participants are all about giving amnesty to people breaking the law. My animal companion prefers to be addressed as "FUZZ the Magnificent, Omnipotent Ruler of All" but he's still just a cat.

I was trying to figure out what rights legally resident foreign nationals with a permanent visa (i.e., immigrants) don't have, and I couldn't come up with many. They can't vote, welfare eligibility is determined by type of visa (whoa, I can't believe I just called welfare a right, bad Heather), some communities restrict gun ownership...when they choose to become citizens, the major right they're denied is being POTUS (I'm not sure that's a right; a whole lot of people born here don't get to be POTUS either). But their kid can be, if s/he's smart enough not to insult the electorate trying to get a laugh from Billionaire's Row.

Illegal aliens don't have as many rights as immigrants; if the want the rights, maybe they should go home and become immigrants ( control society through language...). Immigrants are great; I've worked with people from all over (especially in my current job), meine Deutschelehrerin is a really neat woman, best doctor I ever had was from Ghana, etc.

They all had to have their MMR vaccination before they got to live here, and they all had better things to on a weekday than litter the streets flaunting criminal activity and telling me I'm a jerk because I expect everyone to follow the same rules.

(I'm probably a jerk, but that's not why.)

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