Thursday, May 1, 2008

You know what I'm going to miss about W?

His sense of humor.
Bush, an avid sports fan, noted that the victory meant a lot to New York. Mostly, though, he worked on his comedy routine.

He singled out Eli Manning, the heavily doubted quarterback who proved everyone wrong and was voted the game's most valuable player.

"We have a few things in common," Bush said.

"Eli has a father and a brother in the same business he's in, and the press is sometimes skeptical."
I hope he didn't steal that from The Onion.

This seems a tad cruel, albeit funny:
Bush, a Texan, couldn't help but refer to the Giants' earlier playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, where their upset victory was attributed in part to the distraction of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's "jinx" girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

"I'm a good sport - we're gonna send Jessica Simpson to the Democratic National Convention," Bush joked.
What did Jessica Simpson ever do to deserve that sort of punishment? Oh. Nevermind.

A year ago:
“A lot of people in the White House Compound have been really looking forward to seeing Peyton Manning,” President Bush said. “They wanted to see a guy who gets more airtime than I do.”

Now, imagine President Hillary greeting the winners of Super Bowl XLIII after they've spent the morning visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed...

I still can't believe Eli Manning made that throw to David Tyree AND Tyree made that catch.

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