Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comments I want to make on blogs but don't because it's not worth the blizzard of insults I'll get 2

I won't link to this poor woman. She can't help being ignorant, she's a hippie from eastern Oregon who gets her news from Obama websites. She's frequently pissy the state government won't give her (healthy, except for the usual kid foibles) grandson free health care because he and her daughter live in her house and both adults work for wages outside the home. Obama will fix this grave injustice! How sick and sad is a society that expects able-and-working families to pay for their own antibiotics+?! (vs a society that will give you free penicillin--bugger off if you're allergic, the budget doesn't allow for fancy alternatives--six weeks later when they call your number to see the doctor...)

Anyway, you can guess what verbiage pissed me off.

Hillary's a "Republican in a Democrat pantsuit"? That's the most mind-blowingly ignorant thing I've read here, and I've read quite a bit.

She's a Communist, just like Obama. The only difference between those two is Hillary will defend the country from the people trying to destroy it from the outside (to protect her plan to finally be the person smart enough to make Marxism work); Obama'll hand Iran nukes and then look surprised and sputter when they go off (watch him next time someone asks him an unscripted question...).

I don't like most of McCain's ideas either--the major difference between him and the DNC Senate leadership is he doesn't get a hard-on when people kill babies and he knows surrender in Iraq is stupid--and eventually SCOTUS will overturn McCain-Feingold for abridging the First Amendment, but he's taking the country to hell in a golf cart instead of the IndyCar the "if you don't vote for me, even though I'm an unqualified power-tripping Marxist, you're a racist/sexist" twins are driving.

Maybe I'm unreasonable; the GOP is looking a lot like the historical DNC...but not much like the current DNC.

Sigh. Another quilting blog I can't read because the "ooh" is less than the blood pressure spike. I occasionally pollute this blog with quilting, but never the other way around. Know your audience, people.

+ Maybe state laws make things more expensive in Oregon; I picked up an antibiotic prescription for my nephew once and it cost $1.25 at the WalMart in Iowa City (or a $10 insurance co-pay, heh). I know the retailers that offer $4 prescriptions as a loss leader can't do it in WI because of the stupid minimum-price law. But what would the cost to taxpayers would be if a government agency had to process all the paperwork involved to get free penicillin to someone? More than $1.25. More than $4. And I suspect the people who shrug and say "swipe cards!" have no idea how much it costs to set up a nationwide system of card readers and the servers to process them. Then again, why should they care? It's magical government money!


Steve Burri said...

...taking the country to hell in a golf cart instead of the IndyCar...

A friend of mine running for Lt. Guv. of Texas back in the '80s said a similar thing; relative downhill speeds. He got 2.1 million votes, but lost by plenty.

And to think, if John Kerry were president today, Christopher Reeve would not only have survived, but running the Boston Marathon.

Maybe not a good reason to vote for McCain this fall, but your excellent golf cart analogy pretty well sums it up.

HeatherRadish said...

Thank you. I'm proud of it. :)