Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ethopia a breadbasket?

Capitalism and technology trump collectivism. As usual. (Disclosure: My grandfather owned Deeres. But he planted DeKalb.)

I can't help but wonder what al-Gore and his deluded cult thinks of Africans using tractors (ZOMG, the carbon!) and American hybrid crops (ZOMG, the hegemony!) so fewer people starve to death (ZOMG, the carbon!). The featured farmer was able to move his family out of a mud hut and buy a refrigerator--doesn't he care about the fate of the planet?!

Of course not. "Global warming" is a hobby for rich people with no real problems. Stick 'em in a mud hut--permanently, not for a weekend "awareness" photo op--and I bet they STFU real quick.

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