Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm in the wrong business.

I've been kind of bummed that I'll get an "economic stimulus" welfare check, because that means I don't make enough money. The past two years I've been contributing to American exceptionalism in the 21st century (OK, I press buttons and fill out paperwork...but the Dreamliner will fly eventually...) for low, low prices when I could be pulling down six figures for harassing pale people who try to broaden their minds.

Quote from the janitor's column:
The people at the Affirmative Action Office were so myopically intent on finding a Klansman, they failed to see a natural ally standing before them.

I think this happens a lot more than anyone cares to admit, even outside Indiana.

(You can kind of see the buttons I push behind the pilot's left knee. My mother wasn't impressed either.)

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