Friday, May 9, 2008

Indianapolis exploits kids for Super Bowl glory

They should already know they'll never get it--the 2011 bid was rejected because the strip clubs in Indy don't meet Miami/Hollywood/NYC standards for swank. This is not hyperbole: the private-jet crowd swooping in for the week of partying do not want to sit in metal out-buildings looking at Midwestern girls any more than they want to fight the snow to get there (which will be the official excuse once again).

I wave my paw and say bah.

Anyway, I bring this to attention mostly because the kid illustrating the article is wearing an Aaron Kampman jersey. I wonder why they didn't show the poor bastard who got the short straw and was forced to deliver a binder to Foxboro (maybe s/he got to wear a vintage Vinatieri jersey).

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