Friday, May 2, 2008

Question for anti-2nd Amendment activists

Why do you continue to insist that it's better that I call the police and wait for them to protect me than it is for me to protect myself?

Screw that.


Amy said...

Is this precisely why people pay taxes?

From the combox at Badger Blogger. To which I respond, "No, people pay taxes to cover bloated government benefits. If there's money left, they *might* make sure dispatch services work."

What a tragedy all around. Someone should be dismissed for this gross negligence.

HeatherRadish said...

I'm sure Brittany Zimmerman's family takes great solace in knowing the domestic partners of former bureaucrats don't have an additional co-pay for prescriptions not on the formulary.

I'll be peeved that the payout in their negligence suit comes out of taxpayer dollars instead of the pockets of the individuals involved, but I won't begrudge them a penny.

Roland Melnick said... rock.

HeatherRadish said...

Hee. Thank you.