Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm just glad they are.

Kate, from Small Dead Animals:
The Senate and Congress are controlled by Democrats.
The majority of state governors are Democrats.
Nearly every big city mayor is a Democrat.

So, tell me again - why are they waiting for Obama?

Speaking of, I'm not sure why no one on O's staff realized this "mandatory service" crap might not resonate with the portion of the electorate who has spent their whole lives being taught that the "mandatory service" of their ancestors--real ancestors or dead people who kinda look like them, doesn't matter--automagically makes them victims of the oppressive American system even if they never lift a finger. I can see why it never occurred to him, but his wife should have been all over it. I suppose it doesn't matter, since that portion of the electorate is going to punch the chad for him no matter what he says or does.

And--come on! Those 350 hours of "service" to get your HS diploma would be much, much better spent on useless twaddle like proper written English and how to put condoms on yourself instead of bananas. I'm a fan of forced child labor, but at the direction of their parents, not the damn government. (I can't rent my niece and nephews to hang drywall if Uncle Barack's got them painting over gang graffiti in Omaha. Feh.)

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