Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not quite Dukakis in a tank

...but I look forward laughing at photos of The Big O pretending to drive a race car. Er, racing car. (I denounce myself.)

I particularly chuckled at this:
Bill Clinton tried that tack in September 1992, campaigning at the Southern 500 Stock Car race in Darlington, S.C., but drew jeers and catcalls and insults about his lack of Vietnam War service. That was the year Richard Petty was retiring, and the staunch Republican and racing icon told track officials he wouldn't drive the pace car -- part of his retirement-year sendoff -- if Clinton was in the parade.

Clinton lost South Carolina by 8 points.

I hope O's had his shots.


Amy said...

He's really trying to reach the redneck crowd, isn't he...

Aren't race cars bad for the environment?

HeatherRadish said...

Define "bad for the environment." :) I don't subscribe to the "carbon dioxide is bad" stuff, and I don't know a lot about NASCAR (I just like the crashes), but I'm pretty sure they use the same technologies that keep toxic elements out of the air--lead, etc--as the street-legal vehicles the fans drive to the race.

I'm sure NASCAR will be the first thing to go if the eco-totalitarians seize power.

Amy said...

Define "bad for the environment."

Anything the eco-nuts don't like or want to control. You know, like what kind of light bulbs or how much toilet paper you and I can use while Al Gore flies to Tahiti in a private jet.