Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Possible tragedy in MN

I can't tell from the photos or the video, so I'm not sure how tragic this really is: "A semi truck carring[sic] beer kegs,[sic] tipped over just off highway[sic] 100 and interstate[sic] 494 in Bloomington Monday afternoon." (Is it just me, or does the KARE11 web proofreader seem a little sloshed themselves?)

Looks like the truck has a Miller Lite logo on the side, but it could be hauling Leinie's... Aside: Don't let your cat spill Berry Weiss on any white shirt you wish to wear again.

This is regrettable; this not so much.

1 comment:

Steve Burri said...

The [Grolsch] beer was a gonner.[sic]

These beer reporters all really need editors.

Or, could be, that they were just too distraught to spell properly.